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Historical museum of Eindhoven

Known by its abbreviation HOME (Historisch OpenluchtMuseum Eindhoven), the Historical Museum of Eindhoven is a true machine of the time. Very different from the traditional establishments where the past it seems congealed in drawings and objects, this peculiar museum outdoors is all a recreation of distant times.

From the Era of Iron to the Medieval Eindhoven: all the history of the city is alive and walking. There it can be seen how they were the homes of the old men who inhabited the region, and to observe them working they did since it long ago: obtaining eaten, making the bread and distilling beer. And, of course, also it will be necessary to collaborate.

After as much work, it is necessary to replace energies. Nothing better than to enjoy a prehistoric barbecue.

Located in a green space of the city, the museum especially presents/displays designed programs with the aim of teaching through the experience. Everything is not in the mere contemplation, but the visitors have the possibility of accompanying to the Dutch ancestors in their daily tasks.

In the sector of the Age of Iron, the scene is made up of prehistoric farms and gardens of grass. The infusions boil on bonfires and the rafts made with trunks float on the water, hoping by some brave able one to sail.

The Average Age breaks through next, and everything is developed in its central market. Around him, the stone houses comprise of a rural landscape. As much inside as outside, the people work to obtain their food and the most essential elements: butter, candles and tincture are some of the goods that are from their effort, and nothing will seat to them better than a little aid of our part.

The forjadores of iron and the cooks also will give the welcome us, and in the medieval inn they will compensate to us with a delicious tea.

I want recordaros that Eindhoven also has its own airport, the Eindhoven Airport, and that therefore, you can secure your flights directly to this city, without needing disembarking in the Dutch capital.

Practical information

  • Address: Boutenslaan 161 B - Eindhoven.
  • Email:

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