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Aalsmeer, located in the denominated region Noord-Holland and to horse between Amsterdam and Leiden, is famous in the world by its daily auctions of plants and flowers, known like Bloemenveiling.

In the Aalsmeer Market the great retailers of the sector, exporter and wholesalers, bid up before impressive and variadísimas amount of plants of garden and flowers worked in the same Holland or concerned of other countries. Near 80% of the flowers that happen through this auction they are sent abroad.

The small industralists, the retailers, also have their place, the call Place of Retailer, where they can find ideas new to foment his florist's.

The auction of every day begins in the morning to 6 but already from hours before the activity does not stop in the Aalsmeer Market. The retailers look for site in the great room, the ones in charge supervise that all Marche correctly, and the supervisors control the cooled cameras where all the plants wait for the parade.

Court for auction of flowers

Holland, multicoloured country thanks to its flowers, exports annually from this market, and thanks also to his more than 200,000 visitors, more of thousand of roses and almost 400 million tulips.

If you are in Holland of vacations you do not stop coming to know this spectacle colors that turn to Holland into the country of the flowers. You can in the morning visit it every day from the 7:30 to the 11.

Here we left the direction you: Legmeerdijk 313, 1431 GB Aalsmeer. And the telephone in case you wish major information: (0) 297 39 21 85.

If you prefer to write to them, here you have the mailing dress: Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer, Dep. Communication, Legmeerdijk 313, Section post office 1000, 1430 GOES AALSMEER.

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