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Oude Kerk Delft

The Church Vieja or Oude Kerk de Delft is, as its name indicates, the oldest of the city, going back its foundations to 1200. Its tower is slightly inclined, with two meters of difference in the peak with respect to the vertical.

He is interesting to lodge burial tablets very ornamented (they even excel of the ground his reliefs and decorations), coverall of great men of the sea and admirals. Among all of them one distinguishes the simple grave of the most famous painter of city and one of the most important artists of the Century of Dutch Gold: Johannes Vermeer.

Also she is peculiar the wood vault and the vitrales, placed in 1956 after previous ones in the explosion of a powder magazine in century XVII disappeared all the.

After observing this church at great length, we direct our passages towards the following one, the Niewe Kerk or New Church. One is in the same Markt, the main place of Delft, reason why there is no loss.

This gothic church, constructed in 1381, is peculiar in its outer appearance when presenting/displaying three colors differentiated in its facade. The brown one of its low part, the target of the first section of the tower and the black of the following section. This black color responds to the damages caused by a ray that thundered against the tower in May of 1536.

Most interesting of his interior it is in which it serves from pantheon the dynasty of the Orange-Nassau. The most showy grave is the one of Guillermo the Taciturn one, with a worked canopy where its lying sculpture also rests and a bronze statue hers in the head. On the feet of the lying one is the statue of its dog that, says itself, died of pain after the murder of its master in 1584.

Also this church owned show windows that were destroyed, in this case, in two occasions: during the fire of the city and the mentioned explosion of the powder magazine. The present ones date all from principles of century XX. Some are especially pretty and emulate the used materials formerly. Others are more modern, with abstract drawings and more basing on the game of colors.

- Practical Information:

  • Old church (Oude Kerk): Heilige Geestkerkhof 25. Web:
  • New church (Niewe Kerk): Markt 80. Web:
  • Schedules of both churches: in summer every day from 9 to 18 hs. (18 holidays from 12 to hs.); in winter from 11 to 16 h. It closes Sundays.
  • Entrance to each separately 3.20 €, but exists the possibility of buying combined entrance and of visiting both by less price.

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