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Gerrit Rietveld is one of the names more recognized of the artistic field international level. Famous for being it leaves from one of the last revolutions of the design - the one that takes like emblem the “Minus he is? minimalist more, this Dutch is work father numerous that has caught the attention of the world.

Been born in Utrecht, Rietveld lived there from 1888 to its death, in 1964. In 1918 one became jumbled with the movement Of Stijl, and it made contact immediately with enemy with famous vanguardistas of the world of the plastic one, like Theo van Doesburg, and experts in architecture, with Go' t Hoff.

Following his same steps, the young artist specialized initially in carpentry workings that allowed him to make reality their ideas about how the simpleza could generate pieces of great beauty and functionality. Thus more famous works were born some from his, like the chairs zigzag.

Without painting, decorations, simply a seat conformed by four planes angulado to each other. It is by many considered the design of an art work before the projection of a furniture, but the certain thing is that Rietveld thought more about a chair to be used that stops to be contemplated.

In the second plant of the Central Museum of Utrecht, one recent exhibition - Rietveld' s Universe- summarized most outstanding of its work. An ample collection of their characteristic furniture, and plastic pieces of identified contemporary artists with the same current, allowed to obtain a clear panorama of this modern conception.

This way, a united atmosphere recreated that includes works of Caesar Domela, Theo van Doesburg, Bart go to der Lek and Charley Toorop, excellent companies for the emblematic furniture of the main artist.

At present, the site by antonomasia to discover the world from the glance of this personage of the Dutch design is the Shröder House. Constructed in 1924, it is probably the work summit of Rietveld, and from 2000 part of the Patrimony of the Humanity is considered.

Photo Via: Room Boxes

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