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Museum in the Airport of Amsterdam

Still you are in time to visit the wonderful painting exhibition of the Brueghel brothers, that until the 22 of February of the 2010 you can find in the museum of the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam.

There you have the opportunity to see nine works of Pieter Brueghel Joven and Jan Brueghel, children of the famous flamenco painter of century XVI Pieter Brueghel the Old man.

All the paintings belong to the collection of the Rijksmuseum, and they are exhibited in the 150 the airport to commemorate anniversary of the Bonnenfantenmuseum. The dynasty of Brueghel artists is well-known by its production on a large scale. Pieter Brueghel the Old man was tremendously popular at their time, and much more after its death. Everybody wanted to have a painting of Brueghel.

The children of Pieter, Pieter Joven and Jan, in fact those that did was to take advantage the popularity of his father. Without going more far, Pieter the Young person realized exact copies of works of their father, mainly the scenes farmers. Jan concentrated in the landscapes and the dead natures.

Also, Pieter the Young person used a series of anonymous assistants, nevertheless Jan collaborated with the main artists of their generation, like Rubens, Frans Snyder, and other outstanding figures of Antwerp in the Golden age of the flamenco painting.

Like tenth you, to this you can visit it exhibition in the Rijksmuseum of the Airport of Schiphol, located in the Holland Boulevard, between terminals and F.

Additional information

· Schedules: This museum is open every day of 07,00 to 20,00 hours
· Prices: The entrance is gratuitous

The Museum of the Airport of Amsterdam has a permanent exhibition, with ten works of Dutch teachers of the Golden age of the flamenco painting. As a rule, throughout the year always three temporary exhibitions take place.

Therefore, still you have time for acercaros until this exhibition. If you are in Amsterdam, or you a little while make scale in its airport through its cheap, escaparos trips and acercaros until the exhibition of Brueghel. She will be open until next the 22 of February of the 2010.

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