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Mills of Kinderdijk

Holland is a country of small territory, but there are really many sites that to visit. An interesting option is to consider all the declared monuments and landscapes Patrimony of the Humanity, and thus we will make sure not losing some outstanding and emblematic places to us of Holland.

The Schroder house, designed by Gerrit Rietveld for Mrs. Truus Schroder-Schrader, is more without doubts one of the postal known the city of Utrecht. It was constructed in 1924 and it is an artistic manifesto of the Dutch design, that at that time was characterized of the sort Of Stijl.

Pólder of Beemster is also an extremely significant scene of the culture and Dutch history. The fight against the advance of waters and the great floods had its aim in this immense construction that allowed to gain earth to the sea and to extend the territory. It dates from century XVII, and is for that reason still more valuable, given the technology available for engineering at that time.

And the unique one is not Beemster to pólder that it has become Patrimony of the Humanity. On the other hand, Schokland is also an important locality in this sense, and his pólder Noordoost he is much more recent. It was constructed in 1942, and it rescued of the damages from the water a town that from always had constituted an outstanding tourist destiny.

More charming natural scenes wait for in the Sea Frisio and its environs to us. This sea, known in Holland like the Sea of Wadden, belongs to the Dutch and German territory, and the famous Dutch islands that sprinkle their waters constitute an extensive and rich space destined to the preservation of the nature, by means of numerous national parks.

The mills of Kinderdijk, also very related to the Dutch fight against the advance of waters, are 16 kilometers of Rotterdam, and constitute the greater conglomeration of mills in a single town of all Holland. The spectacle that composes as a whole is imperdible, and many of them are in operation.

The pumping station of Wouda, dated in 1920, is also in charge to maintain droughts the territories of Friesland, a province besieged by the high tides.

History is protagonist of Muiden, a city near Amsterdam that was someday the strength that it protected to the capital of Holland. The Muiderslot, or castle of Muider, located to 21 kilometers of downtown, was built in 1280 by Floris V, and excellently remains conserved.

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