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Lisse, Keukenhof Park

The peculiar name of the Keukenhof Park - that means, literally, Garden of the kitchen has a sensible explanation. Jacoba de Bavaria, illustrates member of the nobility there and old owner of the land in which is the park, liked to walk by the charming site and, in an occasion, identified the aroma of the spices which they were used in the kitchen of his palace, to prepare manjares which on a daily basis she enjoyed.

Since then, baptized by her as Garden of the kitchen, the Keukenhof is one of the most beautiful strolls of Holland. In 1840, the families who acquired lands after the death of their owner, contracted several landscapers so that they designed a park. The stamp of the English style is distinguished with facility in the work of the authors.

Million visitors arrive at him every year from different parts from the world to enjoy the generosity of colors that delight the view in this immense garden, that is in the city of Lisse. Between the diversity of flowers that lodges, they emphasize without a doubt the tulips, national emblem of Holland.

Exhibitions to doors closed, glad parades, activities for the smallest and seven thematic gardens are only some of the attractions on which the Keukenhof counts. Receptions, conventions and seminaries are developed frequently in the pavilions of the park, that take the names of the members of the royalty of the Oranje: Oranje Nassau, Willem Alexander, Reign Beatriz and Julian Reina.

Attractive the Lagos that sprinkles the landscape is surrounded by old mills and magnificent sources. The ample avenues allow to cross the immense extension of the park with comfort, enjoying their beautiful views. And to remember this wonderful route, what better than to buy to souvenir in the store of flatteries, or even flowers or seeds in the greenhouse.

Practical information

  • Address: Stationsweg 166a - 2161 A.M. Lisse
  • Entrance: adults, 13,50 Euros; majors of 65 years, 12,50 Euros; children between 4 and 11 years, 6,00 Euros.
  • Parking: 6,00 Euros.
  • Schedules: from 08,00 to 19,30 hs.
  • Indications exceed how to arrive.

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