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The Oldehove Tower, in center of the city

Leeuwarden is the capital of the province of Friesland, located in the north of the Dutch territory. It is historical monument home innumerable real, palaces and, a classic one of the country: channels. And not only that: this beautiful city also was the residence of the famous spy Hari Bush. In her it was born and it grew, and it is a place in which much information can be acquired about her.

With one night full of activities and life, and museums that during the day abren their doors to the premises and tourists that go in search of all type of knowledge, Leeuwarden is a city with proposals for all the tastes, and an authentic landscape that makes unmistakable.

The tourist routes by the urban center usually begin in the Oldehovetoren, that is to say, the Oldehove Tower. One is a defensive structure that has stayed still on from its construction, in century XVI. It is, in addition, the most northern tower of all Holland, and offers imperdibles views from his heights.

Since the Nassau family, members of the aristocracy, inhabited the city during years, in her they were the magnificent palaces that were their residence. Also numerous monuments of that one time heighten the figure of the Nassau.

And, of course, also there is place for the astonishment in Leeuwarden. Very far from to be consecrated the nobility, a singular called statue U.S. Mem awards honors to the memory of the “founder? of cattle the Friesland race.

Basically, one is a cow located in center of the city, with put inspiring glance on the horizon. And it is that, as all we know, the “Dutch cows? are very famous anywhere in the world, and in addition are synonymous of quality for the understood ones. Other remarkable buildings are the Kanselarij, that is to say, the old chancellery; the old commercial center of the city, known like Waag; the church of St. Bonifatius; and the Achmea Building, highest of all Leeuwarden.

A good time of the year to visit the city is during the Day of the Ascent, when the greatest market of flowers of all Holland takes place, in the Market of Cattle, that also is the one of majors proportions of the Netherlands.

Photo Via: Kanoroutes

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