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Narden is considered one of more beautiful cultural monuments of the Netherlands. Its great fortification - or Vesting- is one of the best ones preserved of the world, and today it lodges two museums, a magnificent church and several remarkable monuments. It really constitutes a visit of peculiar enchantment, in the heights of territories of the north of Holland.

Narden Vesting, Strength, Holland of the north

Naarden Vesting is a fortified city, located in the province of Holland of the North. It comprised of an old line of defense called Hollandse Waterlinie - or the Dutch Line of Water. It was constructed in century XIV with the form of a star of five ends, and during centuries XVI, XVII and XVIII it was occupied in successive occasions by the armies of Felipe II of Spain, Louis XIV of France and by the Prussians, followed of the armies of the French Revolution. It was released in 1814, but it stopped being used like fort just in 1926.

The history of this fortification is conserved in the Vesting Museum, in the old part of the city. The building is located in one of the ends of the star, and works under earth. Through him it is acceded to the tile roof of the fort, from where the views on the water and its bridges are fantastic. Each the third Sunday of the months of summer, spectacles are realized adorned people in the clothes of century XVII. Other historical attractions are the Great Church, the Spanish House and the Quarter of Orphange.

The days of summer also are ideal to cross the forest that was planted to the northwest in 1980. Today it works like a recreational park. Account with a field of sports - particularly, there are clubs of hockey and tennis and many areas of long walk and picnic. The small stores abound, and are great variety of coffees and restaurants.

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