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Teylingen castle

Holland is home of numerous castles, perhaps but few are compared with the castle of the Gentlemen of Teylingen. Its architecture is characterized by the well-known pre-eminence of curved lines, that makes of each space an area to circulate.

Their origins go back to century XIII, when it worked as it calls to account of the Gentlemen of Teylingen, at the same time as it fulfilled the task of protecting the dock of the Rhine and the route that went to the city of Haarlem.

Over the years, one became a boundary of hunting and a house for guests to the service of the Counts of Holland, who obtained the castle when their original owners died without leaving heirs.

From 1975, the Foundation of the Castilo Teylingen protects so much to the construction as to the fields of tulips surround that it. Between the main works that have been realized they emphasize the restoration of the entrance bridge and the works in the grave that the passage of time had erased considerably.

The most important damages that they affected the castle took place as a result of the War of the Eighty Years. Between years 1572 and 1574 successive attacks they left the building in ruins virtually.

The first restorations began in 1605. Nine years later, the works were realized in the residential tower, and in addition a new residence was constructed just opposite.

Peculiarly, the castle was in favor of a time into the hands of a Teylingen family again, but it was not direct descendants of his old proprietors. Two escuderos of last name Go Teylingen acquired the place in 1857, in a public auction.

In 1888 it returned at the hands of the Dutch state, as it remains until today.

Practical information

• Address: Teylingerlaan 23 - Sassenheim
• Schedules: every day, from 14 to 17 hs.

Photo Via: Greenport Duin- in Bollenstreek

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