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If we threw a small look to history of Breda, is like becoming a little crazy. I imagine to the poor inhabitants of the city since the end of century XVI in the middle of the XVII, because they happened almost at the hands of Dutch Spaniards and without finding out.

In 1581 Felipe II the Spanish conquest for feudo, but nine years later returns to comprise of the Dutch dominions.

The Spaniards erre who erre we managed in 1625 to occupy Breda again, occasion that immortalized Vela'zquez in its picture the Surrender of Breda. Nevertheless, in 1637 he returned again to Dutch hands. As they would now have at that time the same problems of administrative red tape with the Social Security that, I am not wanted nor to imagine…

Of that one time we have left in Breda many historical testimonies. One of them is the Spanjaardsgat or Puerta of the Spaniards, a door that is in the port of the city and by that apparently the rebels entered which they initiated the revolt against the Spaniards in 1590, releasing to Breda for the first time. They say that they were camouflaged in boats that took wood to the interior.

Of all ways it seems that this episode was only one legend, and that as soon as it is certain, since not even it happened indeed here. Simply it was a front door for the provisions of the Spanish troops. Even so in Breda certainly they will tell it to you, and if they occur account that you are Spanish until perhaps does it with an average smile of pride. And it is that the taking of Breda in 1590 supposed a hard blow for the Spanish troops of the Netherlands.

Nowadays it is there where the concerts of the city usually are celebrated, and is here where the mayor of Breda leaves to receive, each 5 of December, to San Nicholas, who arrives loaded from gifts for the children of Breda. Of all ways for the inhabitants of Breda the legend of the Spanjaardsgat is to tell us as if the own War of Troy it was.

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