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Domburg, beach, North Sea

On the coast of the North Sea, in the province of Zeeland, is Domburg, a especially famous marine complex by the immense waves that attract surfistas of all the corners of the world. Many consider that it is the best site to practice surf in all Holland.

The beaches of Domburg are another one of the jewels that are mentioned without exception when speaking of resort. Sands of a olivácea tonality, bathed by the sun and waters of the North Sea, that arrives until its coasts with a unknown force and a vigor in other parts from the country.

The small restaurants and coffees with terraces of the city complete a dream destiny, that knew to enamor to famous artists like Mondriaan and Toorop, whom visited the streets of Domburg frequently. The charming hotels have accessible prices and the views that are obtained from their windows are so magicians as unforgettable.

A long walk by the beach can lead to us until the medieval castle of Westhove, that today works like a youthful lodging. Probably constructed during century XIII, the building and its lands they became the Abbey of Middelburg towards year 1277. One is an imposing construction that dominates an area of great natural beauty.

Although its present time has a strong tourist stamp and sport, Domburg owns a history that goes back to the old times. Some happened storms of great impact during year 1647 brought with himself surprising discoveries that woke up an unexpected interest by the region.

Approximately 40 stones with Latin inscriptions and images of Gods like Neptune, Mercurio and Nehalennia - pertaining to the germanic pantheon they were found in the coast. It was possible to be determined that they constituted in the Antiquity a sanctuary consecrated to this one last goddess, protector of the commerce and navigation. According to it is known by the contained data in stones, the temple was work of captains and retailers in gratefulness of a successful day on the high seas.

Practical information on the castle of Westhove

  • Address: Duinvlietweg 8 - Domburg

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