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The great dock of Holland

The History of the Dutch is the history of a permanent fight to dominate the Nature of its country, of one long battle by the survival. In her, the most formidable rival to the one than has faced is without a doubt the sea, the North Sea.

From century XI the Dutch began the construction of docks to control the swellings of waters and the attack of the tides. Also they initiated a slow but unstoppable process of drying of certain zones, to gain territory to the elements, the destiny. By means of primitive mechanical systems, like the water mills, they were able to create new earth, denominated pólders, to work and to raise cattle. New mainland where only there was water.

At the outset these conquests were modest. Limited dispersed zones before marshy or crossed by rivers. Circumscribed to portions of the relatively reasonable coastal coast. However, the Dutch learned. They did and it gradually, perfecting the techniques. Taken of a hand by science and the other by the technology. But without leaving its course, that went taking to them to extend the border of its country from within.

The Zuiderzee (' southern Sea') was the part of the North Sea that was introduced like a great language in the Dutch territory. The dream to make of him usable earth was old. And although the fishermen of the coastal localities were against, seeing in it the aim of their way of life, in century XIX this idea consolidated with the creation of the Society of the Zuiderzee in 1886, that began to study the project.

To his front was Cornelis Lely, who would be appointed Minister of Commerce and Industry, whom the program of `adopted of official form polderización' in 1913, and that in 1918 obtained that the Dutch Government approved the colossal work that was going to allow to cut the passage to the sea by the north, after the terrible happened floods two years before: the Afsluitdijk, the dock of closing.

Holland was put to work in separating the Zuiderzee of the rest of the North Sea. It was the great battle. June of 1920. The final confrontation against the power of a marine, Nordic and wild God. Nevertheless, and in spite of the spread of the company and to the limited means which they had then, the Dutch counted on two essential arms. Two arms that were going to them to provide the final victory: The Western determination and Frisias Islands, or Wadden Islands.

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