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Construction of the great dock

In our previous article on the dock of Afsluitdijk, we initiated already you in the facts that motivated their construction

When in January of 1927 the works in the main section of the great dock began, the Dutch knew clearly that its main trick to play in this game was its determination. The determination of a town that has decided to take the control, although their tools are little.

By means of boats, sediments of the bottom of the Zuiderzee were extracted and they were deposited in great amounts on the drawn up one defined for the dock, in two parallel lines. Between these two lines sand was deposited. The foundations were put using gigantic stone blocks. This was the fight. A fight of being able to being able with the sea. Without hardly technologies in which to lean.

Besides the determination, Holland counted on another ace in the sleeve. To a few miles of the place of the pharaonic work, out to sea, they are the Western Frisias Islands, also denominated Wadden Islands. These islands are a natural barrier, an oceanic guardian who protects the Dutch coasts of a violent and dangerous North Sea, as he is it in other latitudes.

statue in the Great Dock

This arm of the North Sea that runs between the Wadden Islands and the coast of the Netherlands, also is called Sea of Wadden (Waddenzee). It is a backwater of amiable waters, we compared if it with its older brother, to the other side of the archipelago. From the coast, the visitor appreciates clearly that she is open sea. And also that arrives tame at the beach.

Although initially one was afraid that in some points of the work there were problems with the existing depth and currents, the certain thing is that the works concluded before the predicted thing, concretely the 28 of May of 1932. Almost 37 million cubic meters of sand and sediments had been necessary. About 5,000 workers were the creators of the miracle.

The access to the North Sea had been closed by means of this dock of closing, or dock-sluice, with capacity in its two ends to evacuate the excess of water from the zone closed to abierto sea, in case of being necessary, as well as for the passage of boats of a side to the other. The official inauguration took place the 25 of September of 1933.

Thus, the Dutch town had won in the challenge raised to the Nature. The change of roll had been completed definitively, of dominated dominating, and the maximum symbol of it was the Afsluitdijk. A work that astonished (and it continues astonishing) to the world.

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