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the great dock

The 28 of May of 1932, in the presence of queen Guillermina, the last step was closed that connected the Zuiderzee and the Waddenzee (North Sea). The Afsluitdijk connected, finally, the provinces of Holland of Norte and Friesland. The Zuiderzee had disappeared. To the extension of water to the south of the dock Ijsselmeer was called to him.

The length overall of the dock is of 32 kilometers. Its width is of 90 meters and its altitude above sea level is of 7.25 meters of average, since in the side that it gives to the North Sea the height is a little greater. Although previous some other use, finally on him was constructed a freeway (A7) of felt double.

Throughout the 32 kilometers a rest area exists in which we can pause and observe magnitd of this work. It arrives, from the tower of the small building that serves as soothes to the reduced museum of the dock and the store of souvenirs, is enjoyed a special landscape, of a hypnotic panorama.

To a side it continues being the Waddenzee, the portion of the North Sea between the coast and the Wadden Islands. A disturbing spectacle. A sea that would have furious and to be enraged, that would have to strike untiring against mainland with the hammer of Thor. But that is rather a old Odín that maintains a power calm, almost Pacific. However, one is an elegant meekness, almost classic.

To the other side, the Ijsselmeer. The frozen sea. The human creation. The dominion on the matter.

Paying the necessary attention, it is possible to be verified that the level of the water to both sides is not the same. The surface of the water of the Ijsselmeer is somewhat more down. Watching in line straight towards the end of the dock, we can compare both seas and realize. It is another strange sensation more of the set of surprises that one experiments in this place.

But the fight has not finished. It continues and it will continue before a nature that does not surrender. In spite of both complex of sluices that the Afsluitdijk has in each end, its capacity is not sufficient for the obsessive Dutch work to create earth. A third complex will be constructed. And it will be a step more of many than still we will see carried out by the man in the north of Europe. Surely.

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