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The administrative capital of the Netherlands and one of you soothe of the Organization of the United Nations (the UN), the city of The Hague (or The Hague) lodges not only to Reina Beatriz, but in addition the Senate, the House of Representatives who conforms the Dutch Parliament and he soothes central of the Europol, one of the few institutions of the European Union (UE).

The Hague Binnenhof 

The Hague name appears for the first time in 1242 and means “Enclosure of the Count?. In 1248 king Guillermo II decided to settle in The Hague, and since then, all the members of the real family have resided here. To only 50 km of Amsterdam, in The Hague great amount of samples and diverse activities of Hindu to them can be found for whom decides to spend in her days, and to the being a city simple to cross, takes few hours to visit the places of greater interest.

First site to visit is Binnenhof, soothes of the government, place of meeting of the Dutch parliament from 1446, and political center of the country during centuries. It is made up of a set of buildings, in whose room of entrance different exhibitions are offered on political history from the Netherlands of last the 12 centuries. The main construction of the enclosure is the Ridderzaal, the Room of the Horsemen, constructed in 1280 by Count Floris V.

The Hague Palace of La Paz 

The Municipal Museum, the Mesdag Panorama and the Mauritshuis Museum are only a small summary of the museums that there are in The Hague. This last one is closely together of the Binnenhof, that from 1822 lodges one of the most famous collections of the world. It exhibits works of the best artists of the Century of Dutch Gold, like Vermeer and Rembrandt.

The Hague has a treasure in architecture and the Palace of La Paz is one of its jewels. Constructed between 1907 and 1913, in the Court works the International of Justice, was. The name of Palace of La Paz occurred him to express the great importance that surrounds to the constant attempt to solve discords and to maintain La Paz world-wide. In 1946 the first session of the Court took place the International of Justice. A visit guided this spectacular building costs only 5 Euros.

The Hague Madurodam 

And for that they wish to know the Netherlands without moving too much, they can visit Madurodam, the famous city in miniature. Abierta the year throughout, in Madurodam the scale models concerning the channels of Amsterdam, Binnenhof can be admired, the Palace in the Dam place, etc. In addition, Madurodam will present/display a sensational spectacle nocturne.

Mauritshuis museum
Korte Vijverberg 8


Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 17h
Doming and holidays 11 to 17h
January 2008: two weeks closed (from the 14 to the 25 of January)

How to arrive

The museum this to ten minutes walking from station of train The Hague CS.
From The Hague CS: street cars 3, 7, 8, 12, 14 and 16; bus 4 and 22
From The Hague HS: street cars 8, 10 and 16.
Guided visits can be reserved with 2 weeks of anticipation. Approx 1 hour lasts there are and them in several languages. For maximum group 15 people cost 50 Euros.
Tel: + 31 70 302 3435
Fax: + 31 70 365 3819

George Maduroplein 1

Schedule 2007-2008
2 of Sept. 2007 to the 13 of March 2008 of 9.00h to 18.00h
14 of March to the 30 of June 2008 of 9.00h to 20.00h
1 of Julio to the 31 of August 2008 of 9.00h to 23.00h
1 of Sept. to the 31 of December 2008 of 9.00h to 18.00h
The closing of the ticket offices is one hour before. 

Madurodam by Light
(spectacle of light and rays laser)

  • From the 5 to the 31 of Julio from the 2008 to 23.00 h.
  • From the 1 to the 31 of August from 2008 to 22.30 h.
  • From the 11 to the 26 of October from the 2008 to 19.45 h.
  • Of the 20 of December from the 2008 to the 4 of January from the 2009 to 18.30 h.
  • Price of entrances 2008-2009

    Adults € 13,75
    Children of 3 to 11 years € 9,75
    Adults majors of 65 years € 12,75
    The prices are valid until the 31 of December of 2008.
    Guide illustrated including (available in 13 languages: Dutch, English, French, German Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese and Polish Spanish,)
    *con Madurodam passport
    Anticipated sale of entrances: it is possible to beforehand request his entrances in the main Post offices, offices GWK (in train stations) and the main Offices of Tourism VVV.

    Tel: +31 70 - 416 24 00
    Fax: +31 70 - 351 21 85

    Web site:

    Popularity: 24% []

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