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The parks of the city of The Hague, in Holland of the South, are symbol of beauty and recreation. Next, some of most outstanding, to include them in the plan of visit to the administrative capital of Holland.

 Forest of The Hague

The Forest of The Hague.

The Haagse Bosch, or Forest of The Hague, lodges the Huis ten Bosch - House of the Forest, of baroque style. It was constructed in 1647 by the great Pieters decorated Post and with fresh, between who Enrique de Orange tells itself the Triumph of Prince Federico, of Jordaens. She was one of the residences of queen Beatriz of Holland.

The Westbroek Park counts on the major rosaleda of Holland. The 20,000 plants of their British garden bloom from June until the end of October. The majority of the trees and the shrubs were placed in 1948, on the occasion of the jubileumexpositie, exhibition that was origin of present rosaleda. The set is completed by its great esplanadas and its beautiful and barren pools.

The Pronkstuk is one rosaleda international created in 1960. Every year, in July, the roses are evaluated by an international jury within the framework of the Rozenconcours, or Contest of the Roses.

The Uithof, of 107 hectares, is the greater green space of The Hague. It offers atmosphere to take a walk through the nature, to practice intensive sport and to realize all type of games.

Paleistuin, The Hague

Paleistuin, the Garden of the Princess, The Hague.

Paleistuin begins its history in 1640, when Frederik Hendrik, son of prince Willem I, bought the land that was behind the North end of the real palace to construct the Garden of the Princess. In 1954 the park happened at the hands of the State, transformed that it into a public place.

The Ligweiden park consists of a way in the form of ring, asphalt paving, very popular between skaters and runners. There the theater is fomented outdoors, and counts on a farm school for children, a landscaping garden, a botanical garden and a floral garden.

Scheveningse Bosjes is famous by his infrastructure, that includes pedestrian footpaths, ways for cyclists and riders, who distinguish themselves easily, offering greater security. In addition, it counts on monuments like the Jewish cemetery, the Indian Monument, the Cremerbank and the Verhuellbank. To the north is the city in miniature, Madurodam.

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