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The Dutch city of Breda is in the province of Northern Brabant, and is place of confluence of the rivers Mark and Aa. Its history goes back to the first centuries of the second millenium of ours was, that left tracks in their architecture and the urban structure.

From century XII and to year 1404, Breda was feudo of the House of Brabant. After that year, it happened at the hands of the House of Nassau. In 1581, the Spanish conquest took place under the reign of Felipe II, and nine years later it returned to the Dutch power. In 1625, the Spaniards obtained the capitulation, and this S-event was immortalized in the surrender of Breda, the famous painting of Vela'zquez.

IN 1637, the city returned at Dutch hands, and since then it did not return to undergo importance sieges. Today it is a calm large city mainly populated by students, located in the middle of way between Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The numerous monuments of Breda remember the past length to us precedes that it. The well-known avenue as Historical Mile leads just towards the heart of the oldest part of the city. Every Tuesday to the morning, the weekly market renews a tradition that dates from 1321.

The Tower of the Church of Our Lady - Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk- dominates the views of all Breda. During 125 years the works for their construction were developed. The outside beautifully is decorated and its interior remains intact, in spite of the reforms that took place in 1566.

Between the options to know Breda it emphasizes the stroll in canoe, that leaves from the central port and crosses the channels that surround to the city. This way, all their structure appears like a magnificent set, presided by the Castle of Breda, today home of the Real Military school.

Photo Via: Research Institute for Symbolic Computation

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