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The Palace Lange Voorhout, today Escher Museum in het Paleis, The Hague.

The Palace Lange Voorhout, today Escher Museum in het Paleis.

Lange Voorhout is one of the main places of the city of The Hague. It also emphasizes by his great woods but by the magnificent facades that compose their surroundings, many of them, the visible face of important municipal institutions or interesting tourist points.

Some of the most beautiful buildings of century XVIII of The Hague are there, and the baroque style is the one that predominates, like that can be seen in Huis Huguetan, the building of the Supreme Dutch Court.

Another site to emphasize is the Escher Museum, where the works of graphical artist M.C. Escher can be admired. Formerly, the construction lodged to the Palace Lange Voorhout, home of Reina Emma until 1891. It was built in century XVIII and from year 2002 it works the present museum there, Escher in het Paleis.

The most famous hotel of The Hague is here also. One is the Hotel DES Indes, that from always has received the personages I illustrate that they visit the city, something very advisable since many of the buildings of the place Lange Voorhout are embassies.

With four stars, windows unmistakable by its color orange and a price that oscillates between the 230 and 1700 Euros per night, this hotel is as much a lodging of the highest quality like a site where history waits in each corner.

It was inaugurated in 1856 as it calls to account of Baron van Brienen, adviser of King Willem III. To his death, 1877, it was transformed into a hotel, that works since then.

Prime minister, presidents, members of the nobility and the royalty: sinfín of outstanding names has been stayed in the establishment, that in addition was scene of a peculiar anecdote during World War II: it received the soldiers of the troops who occupied the city, and the frightened guests had to hide themselves as soon as place found.

Photo Via: Museum-info

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