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Gouda is a city of the Netherlands that is placed in Southern Holland. She is very well-known by a typical cheese whose name is the one of the city, the Gouda cheese, which is sold all the Wednesdays in the market (of course, the typical and homemade Gouda cheese). Also manufacturer of pipes and candles knows itself the city for being (in fact the second Tuesday of December the night of the candles is celebrated, an event where everything is in the dark and candles ignite that are those that illuminates the way) as well as the ceramics, very well-known and valued.


When we visited Gouda, we do not have to let escape to throw a look to them to its monuments that, although cannot be eaten like the cheese, also they are tuna and can help us to know something more on the culture and history of Gouda.

Thus, we can visit:

- The City council of Gouda, denominated in Dutch, Stadhuis. The City council is constructed in old gothic style (it was constructed between 1448 and 1450) undergoing modifications throughout the years.

- The Public Weight: Or Waag, as it is called to him there. It is a building where usually they weigh cheeses, located in the place of the Market (where the Market is put and the cheeses are sold that take).

- The Church of San Juan Baptist. It is the church with more length of all the Netherlands. This church has had a little bad luck because it has burned 3 times so that it has undergone multiple adjustments although the main base is continued conserving nowadays (perhaps it can have changed in some concrete aspect).

Of the Church we can emphasize the show windows that it has, one of them, the Show window of the King who most famous is donated by Felipe II and his wife Maria Tudor; or those that donated Guillermo de Orange and Ana de Saxony.

Really, Gouda is a tourist place where not only we will be able to prove the true Gouda cheese but also that we will enjoy visiting the Market and seeing how they work weighing cheeses at the same time as we enjoyed the old buildings.

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