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If something gets passionate to me of some cities of Holland they are its channels. Not only by the colorful thing that is, but because, from my point of view, you have the possibility of contemplating them from two perspective: the one that it gives you to cross it on foot, and the one that to you the possibility offers of making a cruise by those channels.

One of those cities with channels is Breda. You do not lose the occasion to be able to enjoy it from its channels. There are excursions and cruises that, during one hour will take, you by the most emblematic places of this city. Almost all the channels of Breda are in center historical, reason why the route is not very difficult to do.

In addition, the channels of Breda indicate the limits of the old city, that one where many historical battles got rid, and that gave rise to one of the pictures more known the time, the Surrender of Breda.

The best time to realize a cruise by the channels of Breda is from the 30 of April until the end of October, and the majority of them leaves from the port of Breda. A wonderful opportunity to discover a different Breda, the Breda that gets dressed from the water, its bridges and their borders.

The boats that cross the channels of Breda have a maximum capacity of 14 people. You can cross the city, between the 11,00 and 17,00 hours every day. In addition, like attractive major, it is necessary to say that this year 2010 Breda enjoys being the best center city of all Holland.

Also the possibility in the same port of Breda exists of reserving and of renting a canoe, from which also to cross all the historical center and its channels. Nothing better than to make a paradita in some of the bars and restaurants of the center to continue soon with our trip.

Breda and its channels are a very interesting opportunity to sail by a calm Dutch city. The truth that is worth the pain to cross it and to be able to appreciate it from its waters.

Photo Via Siwaporn

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