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Delft, famous by its gorgeous objects of blue ceramics, by the fight of Guillermo de Orange-Nassau, father of the Dutch monarchy, and for being the cradle and residence of Johannes Vermeer, the artist who among others shaped famous “the young person of the Rep it? many works of art, are in addition a city that abre amiably its doors all that one that it wants to visit it and to enjoy each of his fascinating full corners of history.

tourism in Delft

They say that the ideal is to cross Delft on foot, without haste, observing each detail: the medieval buildings of its historical center, the different channels cross that it, to enter each museum and each church, to lose themselves in its swap-meets and to stop themselves from time to time in any of its terraces to enjoy, from an pleasant theater box, of the smooth and magical rate of the city.

But you will be able there to also find other forms of desplazarte, like the street car of horses that you can reserve if you go in group and who it will take by the historical route or the well-known to you like DelftXpress, that is a peculiar train of blue color that circulates around the more important tourist places.

Another option is to take a walk in boat by its calm channels. If you choose this alternative you will be able to enjoy a route of about 45 minutes in which it will accompany a guide to you who, in several languages, will be telling so much history to you as curiosities of the city and its monuments. However, this service works only from April to October in schedule of 11:00 to 17:00. By the way, that starts off from Koornmarkt 113 and the price for 5.90 adults is of € whereas for the children is of 3€.

Channels in Delft

And if you are loving of the emotions strong atrévete with the “Dagtochten Combinatie Delft “, that will cost 6.50 to you by two hours in which you will be able to cross the streets in patinete very special. Also you can choose reason why they know there like bici-taxi that you will be able to find by the center and that they also work every day but only from April to October. That if, the one that pedaleen by you will cost 1 € every 3 minutes to you and by person. You can montarte in one of these bici-taxis if you find emptiness but it is better you reserve than it in advance, (telephone: 015 214 14 40); you have more information exceeds they in

Delft from the sky

But, doubtless, which is a unique experience and unforgettable it is to see Delft from the sky. Starting off from the airport of Rotterdam, you will be able to fly over so much the historical center as the different channels during 3 hours. This “Delft Up and Down? costs 85€ by person but it is worth the trouble. Here you have its Web in case you wish more information.

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