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Until it not as much makes the Dutch children that their perverse mothers behaved bad whispered to them to the ears: sight that comes the Spanish. It was enough so that querubines, in the act, was squared. During long time, back in Holland, or in Belgium, Spanish he was synonymous more of ruin of the demons.

If so it happened in the set of the region, what would not think about the besieged city of Breda? Now, if Breda largely went to end the XVI and at the beginning of the XVII a sufriente city due to the intransigencia (in fact, and it is worth oxímoron almost, to the little intelligence of intelligentsia Spanish of the time) of the government of Spain, it is not less certain that to the agent of his martyrdom it also must the principle of his eternal glory.

To then it took it Vela'zquez by subject. Vela'zquez, perhaps the greatest painter for all time of any universes. Clear that there will be one who objects that Vela'zquez did not paint the city of Breda, but its surrender, shade to perhaps emphasize. Nevertheless, and nonfrivolizamos, the name of Breda appears under an oil of the Sevillan teacher. It is sufficient.

On the other hand, seen from our perspective, Breda is enough by itself to send us to its conquest. Nonmilitary man, but tourist. It is a small, historical, fluvial city, of the south of Holland, province of Noord-Brabant (northern Brabant), border with the nation of the Belgians.

The cities of the south of Holland, and generally of the Netherlands, maintain the appearance characteristic of the rest of large cities of the state, although they contribute own characteristics. In fact, very (but very) to the south, until there are localities where bicycles lie down in lack (you do not fear: in Breda yes there are bicycles). In any case, which apparently does not lack nowhere are the channels.

The channels surround Breda, also. But what dominates the center, the center of the center of Breda, in truth, is the Greater Place, the Grote Markt. There it is the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwerkerk, the wonderful church of Our Lady who, in representation of the best gothic style of the province, is elevated like the great artistic building of the historical center of the city.

From century XIII, this church has undergone excuses like all, but there are mimado like a no. The last works of restoration date from the 90. It is no wonder the natural church is santo of devotion of of Breda that, next to the visitors, they admire especially the fantastic bell tower, visible spiritual falo from any point of the city.

In the same Grote Markt is the old city council that replaced, as well, to the precursor set afire in 1534. Centric also it is the other architectonic reference of Breda (with the church): the castle. Nevertheless, the castle of Breda has hándicap: today it is military school, in addition sanconada with the title to real, and it only abre to his doors to the public a day to the year.

But those are the class of menudeces that lay out all trip. Breda will still offer its renewed fluvial port to us, its typical Dutch patios, its bronze sculptures, or his concurred Coffee of the Cordiality. Or, in more trustworthy translation, of the Heart (Hart) of Breda. Indeed, one is in the same heart of the city.

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