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Museum of the graphic design

One of the art-technique youngest already has own museum. In June of 2008, queen Beatriz inaugurated in the city of Breda the first museum dedicated exclusively to the graphical design, something that puts of relief the great growth that has carried out this discipline in the course of the last years.

The objective of the new institution is to collect, to organize and to conserve data about the history of the graphical design, to keep and simultaneously to allow to the access of the public to excellent information and ordinate of happening of the profession from its beginnings - very recent in strict terms to the present time.

The laboratory lodges a library with registries and digital data base, that facilitates the material search. One plans the organization of factories and conferences led the currents, the styles, the past and the present time of the graphical design, an exciting and complex work always crossed by the art, the technology and the market.

The museum also sets out to work like stimulus and aid to the young talents that they look for to become a way through the consecrated designers. Also for them there will be place in the museum, that lodges pieces summit of different times and places, many of them met fixed the design world-wide level.

A festival biennial will be the space that will take the art exhibited in the museum to the streets of the city. Every two years, the most recognized names you would recorreran Breda in company of the new outstanding that will be able to be transformed into protagonists of the sample.

Personages like Piet Zwart, Wim Crouwel, Anthon Bekke and Erik Kesseles are part of the collection that at present lodges the museum, and that given the levels of production of the last years in the matter of graphical design does not stop growing. And we hope that he does not stop doing it for a long time more.

Practical information

  • Address: Boschstraat 22 - Breda
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