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Surely the single mention of the name already brings at the top the famous cheese to you of ball that has a red wax layer. Then this one is famous the original city of that cheese: Edam.


Edam is not a too big city, of only 25,000 inhabitants, but she is cosy, like a great part of the Dutch cities. Located to only 30 km. of Amsterdam, she is full of narrow streets, and Straits channels that are surpassed thanks to their wood drawbridges, and to the sides, precious and showy houses of the Golden age. In the city they emphasize his port, constructed in century XVII, time at which Edam was well-known by its commerce of whales, and his main Church, the Grote Kerk of the century XVI, that surprises by his carrillones and its show windows, according to a to say of many, most beautiful of all Holland. Also we can every day visit in Edam its museum, abierto between April and October, fact in wood and with inner form of boat. In this museum it has exhibited a part of local history, as well as square with strange people of the place. The Damplein, main place of the city is imás important and the one that great part of these visitables places lodges.

But there is something draws attention in Edam powerfully, of course, is his cheese market that is celebrated in summer, every Wednesday, in the Kaasmarkt place. In addition, also we would have to visit some of the cheese factories of the place, if like good peculiar, want to know how the famous Edam cheese is elaborated.

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