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Schoorl, beach and dunes

Schoorl is one of the most outstanding beaches of Holland, and it is not for less. In fact, one is a located coastal town on waters of the North Sea, traditional and charming, besides excellently located to few kilometers of Alkmaar.

One is between the zone of pólderes of Northern Holland and the impressive dunes of Kennemer, which allows to realize pleasant long walks extremely, enjoying the views of the nature and I devise human to coexist with her.

With hardly 8 kilometers in length and about 2 kilometers in width, Schoorl is any thing except a great city. Nevertheless, it receives infinity of tourists every season, especially thanks to his more than 25 places to encamp: one is the site more with campings of all Holland. Others move during the day while they maintain his lodging in some of the hotels in Alkmaar.

La Paz and relax is the keys to go of vacations to Schoorl. There the nature reigns, especially in the National Park Dunes of Schoorl, that counts on peak altitudes of up to 54 meters on the level of the sea (something very impressive if we considered that most of Holland is below the level of the sea).

The history of Schoorl goes back very far in the time, as much that it is difficult to reach his origins without losing all evidence in the way. One knows that at least it has 1600 years of antiquity, since from that time city council buildings were dated both that were in the place.

Town of ingrained traditions, Schoorl does not let pass a year without celebrating the Meidenmarkt. One is the festival that is developed the second day of Pentecostés (always Monday), and counts already on 100 years of history. In his origins, one began like a social event in which the local young people could know other young people of opposite sex.

The celebration of the Meidenmarkt takes place in klimduin, a place constructed in a dune, that is located as well in the same heart of Schoorl.

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