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Ceramics of Delft

The beauty of its small cities is perhaps one of the majors virtues of Holland, and Delft is a precise sample of this. It hardly counts with ninety and five thousand inhabitants and nevertheless it appears in European history by several reasons: from 1572 it was cuts of Guillermo I of Orange, Dutch king who initiated the War of the Eighty Years against the Spanish occupation, in century seventeen lodged soothes of the Company of the Eastern Indians, fact that assured the arrival from numerous wealth to the city, and, mainly, it is the producer of the famous ceramics of Delft, whose pieces are considered as one of the best world-wide samples of pottery.

A few factories that have received the accreditation of potters of Delft and is possible to visit their rooms and galleries to have a direct experience with the production - totally artisan of the pieces that soon we will be able to buy - to prices exist that perhaps are not within reach of any pocket and to see imitation in any store of the city.

The routes by take us to the factories by a route of the three basic phases in the creation of the pieces: the filling of the molds, the baking and the decoration - polished and painting at hand.

It turns out particularly interesting to see the pride that the quality attributed to its wide-awake ceramics in the factories. The guides insist on the minimum details, so that, when you finish the visits and you are - invariably in the stores of ceramics of each factory, you know why the blue one is the typical color of these works of crafts - the call Delfts Blauw, or blue of Delft it is a color created from a metal oxide characteristic of the zone, how the well formed one of each one of the images is realized that illuminate the ceramics - at hand, with different tones and brushes or why determined pieces of great size they are cheaper than smaller others - because the quality of the piece depends on the complexity of the image that imagines.

The authenticity of the marked ceramics as of Delft is a subject of high importance, and the sale of false retorts considers a punishable crime… that every year appears in Dutch newspapers, since many tourists are eager to buy a piece with the seal of quality of Delft, but without the prices of the city.

If what we like it is the color and the appearance generally of the ceramics, without as much worrying about the seal about Delft and the quality to us that testifies, we can buy ceramics worked with machines that, although she will not be so authentic, it will decorate of equal way.

Photo Via craigbooth

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  1. good my question is, I live in Colombia and have a great plate that was of my padrastro, blue and white, the scene is two old ones, the sea is seen would want to know like this quoted we want since it to sell, furthermore in the part of back takes to a seal a letter and like a bottle, the date of down says 1097. thanks

    Commentary by martha amaya
    25-10-2009 @ 4:23 a.m.

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