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Zundert Bloemencorso, Zundert and its floral parade

The flowers are an undisputed emblem of Holland. Their extensive fields of colors that during the spring dye everything with their shining petals are one of the most habitual postal of the country.

For this reason, the cities are not few that dedicate good part of the year to the planning of the parades of flowers that are realized during the summer season. Zundert is one of them, and there all the population works elbow elbow to offer to the visitors a more impressive spectacle every year.

They obtain and it fully. All the first Sundays of September, initiate the great parade, considered the greatest privateering of the world. This year 2009, will take place days 6 and 7 of September. Theater, art, music and dance also are part of the event.

In the city, everything gets dressed of celebration for this day. From the stores to the particular houses, and the places without a doubt, remember to us that it is moment of celebration. The markets are organized open-cast, the parks for children fill, kermesse and the annual fair completes the supply.

The parade begins starting off from the area of exhibition in which it is, in Molenstraat, course to the central place. During afternoon, it is let see there in two occasions, always in procession. Soon the prizes to the best floats, stirring but a little while also difficult announce for the jury, since the care of the inhabitants of Zundert causes that all the samples are fantastic.

Practical information

· Contact: Cultural center van Gogh, Molenstraat 5
· Email:
· Location: Zundert is located between the cities of Breda and Antwerp, and accessible from both in car, the exit 1 Meer/Zundert from A16/E19. Also there are trains and a line of buses connects that it with Breda.

Photo Via: Trekearth

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