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Hotel De Hertshoorn, Garderen

Comfortable small house of the tree, in Garderen

The election of the lodging in Holland can become one more a part than significant of the trip and the diversion that hope to us in this always surprising country. If the hotel rooms are not as original as we wanted, then what better than to choose by some of the following proposals, that defy the hotel trade concepts which they are handled throughout the world.

The Hotel Herberg De Emauspoort, located in the old helmet of the city of Delft, is at first sight a conventional establishment. But their gardens hide a secret that can become the scene of a unique experience. Two wood caravans, authentic and formerly pertaining to gypsy families, have been prepared there so that we go into in the fascinating gypsy world and spend one night with all the characteristics of this culture without equal.

Another tempting option is the camping Of Hertshoorn, in Garderen. All we have dreamed sometimes about returning to be young and to amuse us in a hiding place, on the branches of an old tree. Fulfilled desire: the tents of wood ground are firm and safe constructions, that they are suspended on three pines and they assure a magical and unforgettable demurrage.

But true magic one is, then we are speaking of Of Tovenaarsberg. This hotel is hidden in the region of Drente, in the city of Holsloot, surrounded by the Dutch countryside. Is known it as the hotel of stories of you foretell, and all rooms are thematic: of the mirrors, of the tower, the magic, the duendecillos, the dreams and the sorceresses there are, them for all the pleasures.

And the curiosities are not finished in the dormitories: at the time of eating, we will be able to choose between delights as flying carpets or buns of the duendecillos, and what better support than a fire drink!

Practical information on the Hotel Herberg De Emauspoort

  • Address: Vrouwenregt 9-11, Delft.

Practical information on the camping Of Hershoorn

  • Address: Putterweg 68-70, Garderen

Practical information on the Tovenaarsberg hotel

  • Address: They give Hool 16, Holsloot.

As soon as prices, you can consult the supplies of the different hotels in Holland and find therefore the one that better adapts which you look for. You dare to quedarte in a hotel that leaves the conventional thing? …
Photo Via: Chumbe Island

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