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The city of Dordrecht

The city of Dordrecht, in Southern Holland, is a true historical testimony of Holland. It was the first population of which knowledge is had, and in their streets the buildings older are elevated majestically than they can be in the country. The gothic style predominates, and some arches pertaining to the old strength compose the panorama of the city.

On 1008, Dirk III founded the town of Dordrecht, that acquired urban statute in 1200, when it became the residence of the Counts of Holland. In 1572 it was scene of the proclamation of the independence of the United Provinces. Today, it is an industrial center in which diverse productions and their port come together - on the Merwede- river it has great relevance.

The old fortified walls that surrounded the city were destroyed in century XIX, because no longer they were necessary to defend to Dordrecht of no enemy. Nevertheless, some tracks of the immense construction survive in the most unexpected places of the city.

The Groothoods Door - or Groothoofdspoort-, one from the accesses to the fortified city, is in the old port, and dates from century XVI. The Catharijne Door, a little newer, were constructed in 1652, and the basic scene composes the Meuse river, forming wonderful views.

Our Mrs. of Dordrecht, Southern Holland.

Our Mrs. of Dordrecht.

Older than these constructions it is the Church of Our Lady, whose construction began according to the orders of Count Dirk V in 1077. She was concluded just at the end of century XIV, since the original project was object of numerous reformulations throughout the time.

Other details, nevertheless, were unfinished by always. It is the case of the tower, of 75 meters of stop, that never was finished really. Although the four traditional clocks were placed at the top of the structure, the real intention was to construct a tower of 125 meters, but the land near the river would not have supported as much weight. So that, drastically, the tower was truncated 50 meters before the predicted thing, something that is not difficult to guess just by to see it.

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