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The tower Of Drommedaris

The city of Enkhuizen, like so many other Dutch large cities, knew its moments greater height during the years the Century Gold. Thanks to its proximity with the Zuiderzee - or Sea of the South, today home of its own museum - the Zuiderzeemuseum-, the Company of the Eastern Indians left its stamp of prosperity in the city and its architecture.

The historical helmet is a faithful reflection of the years of abundance that were lived in Enkhuizen. The city council is surely one of the main buildings that were inherited of this time. It was constructed in 1688.

A little previous is the tower Of Drommedaris, that comprised of the fortification that surrounded to the city. From this highest point of Enkhuizen, it is possible to accede as much to the historical center as to the port, so that one transforms into a symbol and an inescapable visit from all trip to this large city. In addition, in its interior the Cultural Center works nowadays.

The Westerkerk, or church of the west, is another one of the most beautiful views of the city. It was built between years 1427 and 1519. Next to its facade, a wood tower is elevated of little height, which gives a singular appearance extremely him. Too low to consider a true tower of the set, this one nevertheless offers to a rustic touch not very often sight.

Another very beautiful church of the city is Franciscus Xaverius Kerk, of the Roman catholic cult. In spite of to be built according to the old esthetic canons, this construction is very young: it dates from 1905, and its old appearance disturbs to more of a visitor.

Finally, the Weeshuis - the orphanage is a magnificent building of 1551, although its present facade data of 1616. Constructed by wealthy merchants, it is another good sample of the increasing apogee of the city during those years.

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