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All city has its emblem, we could say. And Gouda has several: the traditional cheeses - delicious, who will have of negarlo-, the ceramics, the market and public Peso. It is worth the pain well to spend a time to know these points identitarios the city, but also he is interesting to go further on. We see that more it has Gouda to offer to us.

It surprises all that one that hears for the first time of this: Gouda counts with more than 300 monuments. It is in truth a remarkable data, since many of them are not known, but constitute true masterpieces of the architecture.

Most famous it is without doubts the church of St. Janskerk, that reaches the 123 meters of height. Their magnificent chromed, placed show windows between 1530 and 1603, and soon during the period subsequent to the Reformation, represent for that reason diverse reasons, that they include images of numerous Dutch monarchs.

Between the museums of Gouda, the Museumhaven, that is to say, the Museum of the Port stands out without doubts. There, during a pleasant route next to the waters that furrow the city, it is possible to also know by outside and on the inside the most surprising models of boats, many of them of long data, that overcomes to us until years in which to sail era very different from which is now.

The festivales of Gouda are another one of their known faces less. Every month, several events overwhelm the agenda with the inhabitants of this beautiful city, and the diversion floods its streets. In December, the Night of Velas illuminates the hearts of all the presents, and the Pottenbakkersfestival, simpler to enjoy than to pronounce, exhibits works of art in ceramics and reunites to multitudes of all Europe.

Finally, to go of purchases in Gouda is an inescapable activity. Their stores offer the most varied product collections to acquire, they leave and us to the step while we walked absent-mindedly. Nobody will be able to leave the city without taking with himself a memory.

Photo Via: Viajitis

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