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zandvoor beach

Who visit Amsterdam has the opportunity not only to admire the delicate urbanism of those channels and aged buildings that hide true artistic treasures. To its disposition it is also the possibility of going to the beach, after all we are in August, and in particular to one of the most wanted beaches of Holland.

One is Zandvoor aan EEZ: that enormous one boulevar playero of Zandvoor, municipality of Northern Holland. The service that connects the beach with the center of Amsterdam offers the Beach call Bus, a bus that leaves the Damrak street with several daily frequencies to take to tourists and travellers until the same Zandvoor aan EEZ.

The service includes in addition an explanatory guide who allows to take advantage of the trip to the maximum, with data about the beach and of the city of Zandvoor. On the other hand, at the time of buying the ticket the possibility of paying I supplement that also exists it includes things like the rent of bicycles, entrances for the Holland Casino of Zandvoor or the Museum of the municipality.

Besides in bus there is a more attractive alternative perhaps to go to the beach from Amsterdam: in ferry or, rather, boat motorboat if we consider the speed that reaches: 65 kilometers per hour!
This connection by water is, nevertheless, not with Zandvoor, but with IJmuiden, locality that is to about 16 kilometers over Haarlem. The service calls Fast Flying Ferry, which is not to be strange, seeing that more than of boat the speed it is of airplane. Reason why it seems enjoys much.

The boat leaves wharf 14, located just behind the Central station of Amsterdam and arrives until the own Pontplein, situated place in Velsen-Zuid. Velsen is the municipality in which is the town, or if you want city, of IJmuiden. That last section of the trip is realized, again, in a Beach Bus.

And, for that they travel to Amsterdam with the intention to enjoy she herself without having to walk of here for there, to remember well that this year the city celebrates its Water Sensations, a species of thematic year (the subject, obvious, is the WATER) whose climax (anticipated: soon never it is known) in the second fortnight of August.

The program that is developed from the 1 of January is ample and varied, involving architectonic exhibitions, appointments, playful activities, better etc. In short, I leave the official page you of the tourism office in which they inform to you into all the events.

Photo via: toeristeninformatie

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