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Haarlem, commercial capital of the North province, is in addition owner of a fantastic and very typical landscape to Holland. Their hectares covered with tulips and their pedestrian center of abundant historical buildings and streets are a perfect conjugation for a relajante and enriching stroll.

Haarlem, Holland

Haarlem is the eighth more important city of Holland, and constitutes its industrial center of pharmaceutical and tulipanera activity. He is ideal to approach it during a sunny day, to cross his streets on foot and to know his many places interest, that are to few minutes of distance of others.

The main place of the town is called Grote Markt, and it is a space that lodges several of the oldest buildings, and also many coffees and restaurants. In Haarlem the bookstores, the houses of antiques and the traditional food stores abound like Nieuwe Groenmark N° 9, where varieties of typical cheeses of the region can be obtained.

One of the imperdibles views is the cathedral of Haarlem. Of gothic style, this old building dedicated to San Bavo - also known as Grote Kerk- were constructed between 1400 and 1550. Today it is partly a church but also a market and its majestic tower it dominates the landscape.

Another building of relevance in the city is the City council - or Stadhuis-, that combines several architectonic styles and has been object of successive remodelings from 1250.

The Amsterdamse Poort is a medieval door, that formerly was part of a set of 12 constructed equal doors in 1355, and today is the unique one of that it is maintained still on. It served to defend to the city of the pirates and to adjust the pitch of the commerce in the city.

Between his museums it emphasizes the Museum Frans Hals.

The station of trains of Haarlem, inaugurated in 1839, was reformed completely in 1905, and at present it constitutes a model of the Art-Noveau architecture. In her bicycles are rented to cross the region of ready for sowing of tulips, that some companies begin in this city and culminate in Leiden.

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