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Dolphin in the Dolfinarium

When one goes away from visit to Holland is not possible to be stopped going to the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, Gelderland, that is a unique park of diversions that has an incredible collection of marine mammals and offers a programming of all the day, that it includes more than nine spectacles and demonstrations.

Between shows the demonstrations of the greatest residents of the park stand out, the walruses in the Walrussenwal, and the wonderful spectacles of the dolphins or DolfijndoMijn. The humorous spectacle is called `Maffe Matrozen' where a marine lion is the protagonist, and those that dare can go to take care of and to feed rays and sharks in the Roggenrif.

There also it is possible to be lowered to a glass tank of 60 meters of depth in the Odiezee where the animal against in front can be seen, after a security glass, and the fortune is perhaps had to see the most famous dolphin of all the park, that is called Spetter and it enchants to splash to him of water to the people.

Foca in the Dolfinarium

And if after all that the boys have extra energies can do to spend it in the four parks of entertainment: Kantjeboord, Brulbaai, Springtij and Pierewier; as well as to enjoy the great variety of kiosks and restaurants that offer a great amount of meals and snacks.

From this year in the theater of the park the film of the Spetter dolphin can be seen with special effects. There the emotion can be lived on the film with effects 4D, as they are the vibration of the seats and real drops of water.

In that film the adventures of Spetter can be seen when the Romanov jewels are robbed of the museum in Harderwijk. While the thieves try to flee from the police, they leave to foundlings jewels in the Dolfinarium, including the swimming pool of the dolphin, who swallows them of a very graceful way.

Photos Via: Dolfinarium

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