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Beach of Buren, in Ameland.

More known in Spanish like the Frisias Islands, this set of islands and small barren islands located to the northwest of Holland little represent an explored facet of the country. Without a doubt, some of them count more on a tourist infrastructure developed, as it happens in the case of Texel and Terschelling, but Ameland is placed far from this situation.

Pacific, colorful, with a fan of services for the visitor who does not compare the one of great large cities, but that is more than sufficient to enjoy vacations comfort and cultural supply.

Ameland is a site where the wild nature is present, although is not as dominant as in other islands, mainly Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland. For that reason is a perfect balance between the inspiring landscapes and the urban and social structure that, sometimes, annoyance causes to us to resign.

Located between Terschelling, to the west, and Schiermonnikoog, to the east, its geographic location agrees with I degraded in the natural kingdom that the three islands present/display. Of this the west, it is losing territory, to take step to more hotels, more restaurants and more of the facilities to which it has customary modernity to us.

The landscape of Ameland is in favor compound essentially of dunes, that occupy almost all the mainland. The municipality of the same name that the island extends along and to wide it of its territory, and counts on four main towns: Ballum, Buren, Hollum and Nes.

Ameland is accessible from Holwerd, in the province of Friesland, ferry. It is possible to take the particular vehicle, reserving a ticket in advance, or to leave it in the wharf of the port. The trip lasts about 45 minutes, in which gorgeous views can be admired.

During most of the year, the ferry crosses waters of Friesland to Ameland a frequency of six times to the day. In the months of June, July and August passages are added to replace the demand of trips.

Photo Via: Commons Wikimedia

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