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Festival the Fireworks International, Scheveningen, The Hague

The Hague is one of the main cities of Holland, besides its administrative capital. It has sinfín of sites that to visit, and also offers spectacles and entertainments for all the pleasures.

In the month of August, two events emphasize: the Festival the Fireworks International, one of most prestigious and spectacular of the world, and a peculiar celebration dedicated to the Love and the Passion, with axis in a group of sculptures that represent the human service life.

So that, if desire of haceros enter to you an escape, The Hague will be a site in which they will not lack activities. The contemplation is the key: artistic figures that they invite to the reflection and lights that they ignite in sky and they astonish to the spectators. We are going to know some data about these two options that the city offers.

The Festival the Fireworks International will be realized between days 20 and 22 of August, in Scheveningen, the famous beach of The Hague. From his boulevard and sands will be able to admire the unfolding of 30ª edition of this event, that every year illuminates the night of the city.

In this opportunity, numerous countries will participate, among them China, Belgium, Jamaica, Germany, the United States and, of course, the same Netherlands. The schedule of the first spectacle is to 22, whereas a second show is offered from the 23 hs.

On the other hand, the Celebrate Love and Passion (It celebrates the love and the passion) is the title of a work realized in sand, that compiles the work of Gustav Vigeland, that dedicated a series of sculptures to the cycle of the human life. The work of Vigeland is in the park Vigeland de Oslo, but in The Hague a synthesis can be seen destined to comprise of the festivales of The Hague, whose motto is “free Siéntete to celebrate?.

It will be able to be seen in Buitenhof until the 28 of August.

Photo Via: Planetware

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