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Garden of the Willet museum

Then yes, Amsterdam is one of those cities whose at first sight more representative characteristic is their numerous “water streets?, that not of asphalt: the channels, characteristic that shares with other large cities of Europe (Venice, Aveiro, etc).

And what sweet is to take a walk by the channels. However, in Amsterdam the channels not only entretejen a dense network of urban connections through fluvial element, but also they hide notable and exceedingly a peculiar museístico embroider.

The Grachtenmusea, the museums of the channels, transports to us as a whole to a wonderful atmosphere of another time. Behind splendid buildings and imposing very honorable large houses as far as age and that they give to the channels, in magnificent interiors of centuries XVIII or XIX, a series of exquisite and exotic museums fructifies.

For example, in the Herengracht is the Museum of the Bible, in typical large houses of channel of end of century XVII, although the decoration and the somewhat baroque mobilario, including fresh and califragilística spiral staircase, are of later time. An essential visit in our Amsterdam trips.

The visit of this peculiar museum, highly recommendable, will offer without a doubt moments us of joy. Besides the wonderful interiors, in him we will find very interesting things, as exemplary very old of the first bibles published in Holland after the invention of the press, or a very well-known reproduction of the Tabernacle

Also in Herengracht it is the Tassenmuseum, the museum of purses and portfolios that count on truly singular collections. It abre in the morning from the 10 to the 5 of afternoon, a schedule by the way similar to which has the Museum of the Bible. Both close days 1 of January, 30 of April and 25 of December.

The museum Goes Loon is in Keizersgracht, in a mansion on the channel that dates from 1672 and to that the family moved Go Loon in century XIX. Van the Loon was one old one and illustrates family of Amsterdam. The museum Goes Loon is one of more refinings of all the city. Its permanent exhibition account with objects of great artistic relevance, like pictures (to emphasize a picture of family of century XVII), porcelain, platería or furniture.

In order to finalize we return to the Herengracht to visit the Willet-Holthuysen Museum. Like in the rest of the museums that we have presented/displayed to you, the Willet-Holthuysen is in a beautiful building of the XVII, although recovered years later. The mansion conserves rooms, halls and quarters decorated according to the taste of the time, with well-taken care of collections between which they emphasize paintings of Jacob de Wit.

Really, it surprises Amsterdam by his channels, but it still surprises more by the amount and the quality of his museums, that are not limited the great centers of art solely, like the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh.

Photo via: Coocookachoo

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