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 HISWA to water to you

HISWA to water to you is the name in Dutch so in Spanish we know like Amsterdam in the water, an event that is developed every year in the sport port of IJmuiden. This year, will take place between the 1 and the 6 of September, and will congregate fanatics of the yachts worldwide.

300 boats will take part from this spectacle, in which the last models in luxury boats will appear. Thus it is for considering the purchase of one of them, like simply admiring his beauty and technology, this S-event in imperdible truth.

The 31 of August a previous day will take place in which they will occur to in advance know some the most fascinating yachts. The rest of the week will be overwhelmed with activities, as much on the water as in mainland, but always with the magnificent boats like axis.

Other aquatic vehicles also will have their place in this event. Motorized cruises, quick boats and until charming sloops, that peculiar type of boat with a single mast.

The companies of construction of more important ships of the world will meet in Amsterdam in water 2009 to show the public his more recent proposals. In addition, the series of semicustomized boats will be able to be appreciated, to which one can add and to clear whatever pleases to him before ordering its construction.

The immense transports of load also will be present, with their many meters of length. Several of them will be exhibited during the 6 days of event.

Practical information

• Location: Sport port of Ijmuiden
• Dates: from the 1 to the 6 of September.
• Previous day: 31 of August, 18,30 to 22,30 hs

Photo Via: They hurl

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