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The beaches of Holland are one of the their attractive most remarkable ones. Very well-taken care of and clean, they are the proud owners of very fine sands and in are surrounded by zones protected, of dunes and vegetation. They constitute a strip of 280 km, composed of 50 tourist complexes. Accessible from the most important cities of the country, the Dutch coasts are an excellent option to spend the summer.

An interesting view is the one that is obtained when venturing itself after the dunes that protect beaches. In the majority of the cases, we will be with pólderes, true emblems of Holland. One is portions of earth gained to the sea, located below its level. For this reason, incessantly the water of there is extracted by means of a pumping system.

The sports are always at your service of the day. Surf is practiced, since immense waves and of much force form when the wind blows with vigor. Nevertheless, it is important to inquire well before entering itself in waters of Holland, since many beaches can count too much hard on a surge, and the little experienced swimmers run risk when facing the tide. During the summer season, a life-guard team monitors the most dangerous zones.

We now know the beaches most important Holland:

- Scheveningen is without doubts the main one. One is on the North Sea, in the neighborhoods of The Hague. Besides its delicious waters and with the fantastic sand extension, with 3 km and average of length, in this site the art abounds. The Belden Museum from Sculptures to the Sea aan EEZ -, has very interesting proposals, like the sculptures of Tom Otterness, that allude to more famous fairytales.

- In Amsterdam, Blijburg aan EEZ is characterized by their jovial atmosphere. By the nights, a bonfire ignites and begins the dance. Professional Sundays it is possible to be enjoyed the action of DJs or groups of music live. The bar and the open kitchen are the chosen gastronomical supplies more.

Here we left a relation you of hotels in Holland so that thus you prune to enjoy Dutch beaches in any bridge or weekend.

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