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The green spaces of the city of Utrecht, in the central region of Holland, are small jewels to the margin of the urban landscape, and in each of them it is possible to discover a magical place as they only can be present in the nature. We are going to cross some of them, to see what their history and its design provide to us.

jard�n Pandhof Utrecht, cathedral

Source of the garden of Pandhof.

The garden of Pandhof, one of most beautiful of the city, is in the patio of the cathedral of Utrecht, and is decorated with authentic elements of the gardens of the convent. The medicinal plants and other decorativas species abound that date from medioevo. One of attractive the main ones is the statuette of the tube, that is elevated within the framework of this calm park, ideal to sit down to take a deserved rest.

Around the Strength of Hoofddijk botanical gardens extend that constitute one of the emblematic beauties of the city. They emphasize the orchard and the collection of tropical and subtropical plants.

In the garden of the Virgin of Pandhof Mary the melody is heard that comes from the music school that is in the neighborhoods. The place was formerly part of the Roman cloister that comprised of the Church of the Virgin Maria. Today, more than 300 types different from plants they populate, between which medicinal and Biblical plants are counted, and the collection with plants with the greatest Lady with Holland.

Strength of Hoofddijk, Utrecht

Gardens of the strength of Hoofddijk.

The Grift Park is a modern park, inaugurated in 1999. It consists of a very ample area of turf, a pool and a natural area with three giant sculptures, work of Thomas Schutte. Account with tracks of basketball and many skaters concurs there. It has a special park for smallest, with hammocks, huts and a farm for children.

Finally, we are going to close the route in the garden located behind Bruntenhof, the decorated collection of houses of century XVII in baroque style. Originally, it was the communal garden of the homes constructed by Frederick Brunt for the poor widows in 1621. Between 1979 and 1981 it was recovered and redesigned with plants especially chosen to harmonize with the typical views of century XVII, becoming thus a true jewel in the heart of Utrecht.

Photo Via pandhof:
Photo Via Hoofddijk:

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