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Utrecht is the city smaller than it exists in the Netherlands. In fact, it is not a very famous city or where we pruned to amuse to us everywhere anywhere… That yes, is different from the cities that we pruned to visit and perhaps that difference is the one that makes be special.


In Utrecht there are many forms of which, an enthusiastic historian, it can have his paradise, and are that the art and the culture in Utrecht go of the hand showing to us a series of places the everyone best one the previous one.

A zone exists, the Museumplain call (Place of the Museums) where a union of several Museums forms altogether, museums from the Christian art to the contemporary art.

Speaking of those Museums, in Utrecht we can be:

- Clocks Musicales and Organillos. She is one of the exhibitions more beautiful than we can see since the compared clocks of nowadays are not nothing with the old clocks, those that you could give a button and to listen to an pleasant melody, that all that could pay for took it one. It was so the passion by music a few centuries ago that was the reason by that the boxes of music were created, boxes that contained the feelings that a song can lodge.

In this museum we will be able to know samples those old boxes of music and clocks. In addition, in the Museum “They go Speelklok tot Pierement? we will be able to know why the pieces are used at the same time as we see different objects from exhibition (that give desire you to caress…).

The price to enter this museum is of 8 Euros for the adults (7 majors of 65 years) and of 4 ′ 50 Euros for children of 4 to 12 years.

- The Central Museum. He is oldest than we can be in Holland. It is located in an old monastery called Agnieten and surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Of this Museum they emphasize the exhibitions of Dark brown Dick, the collection of century XVI and XVII of the teachers of Utrecht, paintings to a large extent of the School of Utrecht of century XVI and XVII and the “house of 1680 wrists?.

In order to enter this Museum the adults the children of 13 to 18 6 Euros also pay to 8 Euros (the 6 majors of 65 years) and.

- Convent of Catharijne. A museum dedicated to the religious art documenting the history of the cristiandad in Holland, for this reason, is equipped with famous pictures, old manuscripts, books, sculptures in gold and silver, pieces of the altar, ecclesiastical dressing gowns and relics that date from century IX.

Its entrance is of 8 ′ 50 adults (7 ′ 50 majors of 65) and 4 ′ 50 of 6 to 17 years.

- The House of Dark brown Dick. Museum dedicated to this small drawing of a conejito and del I will speak that you at another moment.

Its entrance is of 8 Euros (5 majors of 65) and, for children of 2 to 12 years, 2 Euros.

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