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The Collse Mill to water, in Eindhoven

It is known: the mills and Holland usually go of the hand in a same postcard. With its eternal threat, the waters of the sea, the population of the Netherlands has gotten to construct so many structures of that type that today are a true symbol of their culture and its past.

In Eindhoven, also there is a mill, well-known as Collse watermolen, that is to say, the Cold Water Mill. Nevertheless, its function was not the one to drain earth, but the flour production and the oil pressing. A valuable jewel: nothing less than by Vincent van Gogh was painted, in a picture that comprises of a American private collection.

From his repair in 1999, one is in perfect state and it is put into operation frequently. The works were realized with the collaboration of the foundation Mills of Eindhoven. Every Saturday, this colossus makes walk its vanes, that formerly were used to grind grain of maize and to turn them into flour.

Collse watermolen, painting of Vincent van Gogh

Their origins go back to century XIII, when it was constructed by a group of monks, although later fell into the hands of the feudal dominion, exerted by the Duke of Brabant. At the moment, it is started up by a group of volunteers, and the produced flour is also sold to the professional bakers and to the individuals.

The mill works thanks to the action of the water that runs next to him, from the border with Belgium. One is a small channel, so that also mechanisms are needed that let grow the power of the water, so that he is able to rotate the wheel that moves the internal gears.

Since there are saying, They go Gogh painted east mill, something that can be verified in a letter that it sent to its friend Go Rappard. Treasure deals with true, and in addition important passage in art to painter, since it was the first work in which it used warm colors, according to the experts.

Photo 1 Via: Commons Wikimedia
Photo 2 Via: Commons Wikimedia

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