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The month of May is a little while very special for the Dutch. Two of their more important dates pass during these days: the Day of the Memory and the Day of the Liberation, that takes place 4 and 5 of May, and the National Day of the Mills, in days 8 and 9 of May.

Each 4 of May, the Netherlands commemorate the events happened during World War II, during the Day of the Memory. The Dutch must by custom cross different memorials from their city or near cities, to pay tribute to the fallen ones during the warlike conflict.

The following day is of celebration: the liberation of the country after five years of occupation took place the 5 of May of 1945, with the capitulation of Germany. One is the Day of the Liberation, and in these celebrations a parade in Wageningen is realized, where these documents were signed.

However, the celebrations extend by all the country. The official celebrations, that are placed in a different site every year, and the concert outdoors next to the Amstel river are the most famous acts of the day.

But the month of May does not conclude here. In days 8 and 9 another great event takes place, that is elevated around a classic emblem of Holland: its mills. More than 600 of these monuments, of a total of 1000 that live in the country, they give the welcome to the visitors during these two days, that constitute the National celebration of the Mills.

Many of them, in their majority dated in centuries XVII and XVIII, are put into operation and abiertos públicoque it reserves his Amsterdam trips, apart from which numerous interactive activities for the interested ones in knowing more the magical world of the mills are organized.

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  1. Thanks for the information that send diariamene to me, the knowledge is infinite and that allows to have a greater culture of the country, greetings

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