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When thinking about Holland everybody evokes upholstered plains of tulips of colors, some cows grazing close and very possibly a mill turning its vanes with the wind or a town of wood houses. Then, all this is real in this so beautiful country but, that yes, if it visits in spring, that is when the tulips are in flower. The rest of the year the cows, the mills and the towns also are, by all means, but no longer he is the same.

The tulip that as much associated to this country comes, in fact, of the plains of Central Asia, from where their bulbs arrived clandestinely at Holland. It spent a time until it was managed to acclimate them and whole Holland drove crazy with the beauty and simplicity of these flowers, reaching exorbitant prices. Later the authorities took part so that the bulb market returned to reasonable prices.

Nowadays the culture of these flowers occupies 3000 has of the region of Haarlem, that of April to May gets dressed the colors shining and delicate of tulips, jacinths and narcissuses. At this time those are many that go to the fields in flower that there is between Leiden and Haarlem.

The best places to go to this celebration of the color and the aroma are the towns of Rijnsburg, Warmond, Katwijk, Noordwijk, Binnen and Sassenheim. Also in the region of Lisse there are several hectares of flowers, like in Keukenhof or Vogelenzang. They are particularly beautiful because they arrive until the coast.

A particularly colorful place is Texel, an island to twenty minutes of the coastal town of Give Helder, with fields of flowers, forests and a small village.

If it interests the world to you of the flowers beyond the simple observation or of his culture, it visits the museum of the bulbous flowers of Limmen.

If you are lodged, for example, in Amsterdam, the best place to arrive at Holland, since it is connected with many cheap flights, an itinerary by the fields of Haarlem can be the excursion of a perfect day you can even do and it in bici, and so the experience will become unforgettable. In this city you can go to the Market of the Flowers in the Singel channel and also buy bulbs for llevarte from return to house a little colorful and the beauty of the fields of Holland.

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