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Clean Green

Clean Green it is a park that lodges numerous gardens, each of them typical of a region different from the world. They are in Landgraaf, near Valkenburg, in the south of Holland, and there landscapes of all type can be seen, from alpine to tropical.

These World-wide Gardens, as it defines them, were founded by Mr. de Strijthagen, who after innumerable trips around the globe, dreamed outdoors about an immense space in which to contemplate the botanical wonders that had seen throughout their itineraries.

Thus it is that it combined as dissimilar sites as Japan and Australia in a same place. The gardens are in the territory del that it was its castle, and they were constructed from a newspaper found in 1997 in which it described its idea of an immense garden that lodged plants worldwide.

A runner of 4000 meters square represents the tropical section, that includes immense water cascades, in opposition to the desert, with its peculiar species of vegetation. Russia, Austria, Italy and Portugal are present, like China, Siberia and Morocco.

Bridges of different styles and exotic birds from the diverse origins also comprise of the views of Clean Green. Smallest they can enjoy them following the guide gratuitous who gives itself when entering, and that she allows them to cross these sites without losing itself of the diversion.

The castle, of 1674, counts on multithematic exhibitions, like Of Hoeve, or “the farm?.

Practical information

• Schedules: every day, of April to October from 10 to 18 hs. ; of November to March, of Monday through Friday until the 16 hs., Saturdays and Sundays until the 17 hs.
• Entrance: adults, 15 €; children between 4 and 13 years, 4 €.

Photo Via: New World Landscape

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