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Beaches of Zeeland

The Haamstede beach

Although one is not a coastal destiny par excellence - before or one thinks about sites on the Mediterranean, or in the Caribbean, Holland has much to offer for the lovers of beaches.

In fact, the province of Zeeland counts on 650 kilometers of marine coast, home of the cleanest beaches of the country, and the longest days. Each of them has a characteristic sign, distinguishes that them of the rest, and it prints a unique personality to them.

The natural spas are ideal for those who go in search of pacific and stretched vacations. On the contrary, the lovers of the aquatic sports will prefer the sport beaches, that are also them and in amounts.

The families with small children can be calm if they decide to visit beaches of Zeeland, because they will have several options where the person who renders first aids are always kind. In addition, these spas usually count on numerous to buy snacks and eaten positions fast, or treats: something that youngest never forgets during the vacations.

To spend the vacations in beaches of Zeeland does not only treat tender to the sun until being toasted, but the possibilities abound to enjoy the landscapes and the facilities located in the neighborhoods. It is worth the trouble to take advantage of one so many supplies of trips and to spend days of leisure here.

For example, a classic one of all the seasons is the stables, where all the year can be mounted to horse, as much in the beach as in the dunes border that it. They do not lack, of course, the services of rent of bicycles, the most popular vehicle of the country. Numerous routes for long walk and cycling furrow the territories of Zeeland, a magnificent form to know it. Also surf and navigation is other options, and the fishing always is at your service of the day.

Thanks to the fact that it is conformed by numerous islands, the sites to visit are infinite in this province. Many of them are connected by prey and bridges, so that not always it is necessary to cross the water to go from one to another one.

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