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School of The Hague

Recently we commented to you about some outstanding events that will take place in Holland in the next months. These events, that comprise of the main program of Cities of the Art, will be accompanied of other so many events that conform the parallel program. We are going to throw a look to him.

With the name of New Horizons, a sample composed by more will appear from the 12 of September than thirty historical photographies and numerous selected pictorial works of the most important collections of the country.

The wire will be the School of The Hague and the modern Dutch paisajismo. In order to exhibit the best exponents of this new current of century XIX, pieces of the Rijksmuseum museums of Amsterdam, Kunsthal de Rotterdam and Neue Pinakothek de Munich will meet.

In these paintings the routes abound with railroads, the channels and the traditional bridges of Holland, and their appearance in the natural scene of the country, that imprimió substantial changes in its aspect. Antón Mauve, the brothers Maris and Josef Israëlis are some of the artists who better knew to catch that moment of transition.

Another interesting artistic proposal of Cities of the Art takes the name of abierta City, designing coexistence. In this sample, that will within the framework be inaugurated the 24 of September of the Biennial the International of Architecture of Rotterdam, the thematic ones will be developed related to the problem of urbanism and the coexistence between different groups and their different activities.

Practical information on New Horizons

• Location: Kunsthal Rotterdam
• Address: Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341 - Rotterdam
• Prices: adults, 9 €; children between 13 and 18 years, 2 €; minors of 13 years, free.
• Schedules: of the 12 of September to the 6 of December of 2009, Tuesday to Saturdays, 10 to 17 hs., and Sundays from the 11 hs.

Practical information on Open City

• Location: NAI, National Institute of Architecture
• Address: Museumpark 25
• Duration: of the 24 of September from 2009 to the 10 of January of 2010

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