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Gardens of Mien Ruys

The inhabitants of Holland and the flowers have a very particular relation. The country is identified with the symbol of the tulips, and in return the Dutch town is always well arranged to take care of of its beautiful gardens.

The Gardens of Mien Ruys are a great example of it. They are in Dedemsvaart, and they are property of the Ruys landscaper, that gives name them. Been born from a very famous marriage by its work in the same scope, the landscaping gardening, bequeathed in this magnificent site the result to us of experiments that gave rise to an exquisite combination of colors and forms.

The park counts, nothing else and nothing less, than with 25 kilometers square meters. Mrs. Ruys dedicated itself to experiment there with different techniques, materials and designs to obtain an original and aesthetically pleasant product.

At present, the joint account with about 25 gardens. There they were used for the first time a great number of techniques that revolutionized the practice of the gardening, and which soon they were implemented in outstanding places, like the Wilderness and the Aquatic Garden.

For example, the routes to the railway style were used here for the first time to decorate the landscape. Then, this tendency expanded towards diverse places, especially thanks to the positive impact that had between the gardeners and landscapers amateurs.

So that, if you feel true liking towards the flowers and the gardens, this it is the site that you cannot perderte in your trip to Holland. Infinity of ideas ayudarte can improve your own garden.

In order to cross the park, bicycles can be rented and be united to the tourist route that occurs every day. Also visits guided on board wagons covered with a shutdown at the time of enjoying the hour of the tea are organized, within the framework of gorgeous surroundings.

Photo Via: Garden Visit

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