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Almshouses, houses of charity in Holland

Holland is identified with several traditional emblems, like the tulips and the mills, and emphasizes without doubts in disciplines like engineering at the time of safeguard and gaining territory to waters of the sea.

So it is the case of almshouses: there where we see one, it will make us remember the Netherlands. One is charity homes where the people lodged (generally, of outpost age) who no longer could maintain themselves economically, to live in community. The name is related to the word alms, alms in Dutch. These homes have their origins in century XIV, when this type of establishments became very common between the wealthy citizens founding.

In many cities of Holland these buildings can be visited, or organize a stroll to know many almshouses that surely we will be able to find. For example, in Leiden, that usually is known like the City of the Almshouses, there is nothing less 35 of these homes of charity. On the other hand, it is worth the pain to cross Leiden with tour that offers the office of local tourism. One is a stroll of 2 hours during which the main houses are visited, located in great gardens or parks worthy to enjoy themselves.

Another city with many almshouses, to the point of which it disputes the title of Leiden, is Haarlem. Nevertheless, there are only 20 establishments there still still on. The tourism office offers two itineraries of 1 hour and a half each, that in addition allow to visit the city and to know their main monuments.

Other destinies in which they can visit almshouses are Groningen, Dordrecht and Utrecht. In this last city, many of the homes settled in small houses donated to the state, and it also knows them like cameras by his tiny proportions.

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